June 17, 2024

face, we must use a face towel to dry the

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face, we must use a face towel to dry the

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The bathroom is designed with a folding sliding door to maximize the use of space. Bathroom equipment is also readily available, sink, box toilet, towel rack, independent shower, said that there is a small sliding door in the bathroom, separate shower separate, dry and wet separation design, the editor boasts the designer, too sweet.

After receiving the departure notice, hospital leaders and relevant departments began to pack protective clothing, masks, goggles, toothbrushes, towels, socks, portable battery, hot water bags, and other supplies for the team members, allowing 10 team members to take the most sincere care of the cadres and workers of the whole hospital to the front line of fighting the epidemic.

First of all, the first point is also a very important point, that is, after we wash our face, we must use a face towel to dry the moisture on our face, and then use skin care products. Otherwise, if you use it directly, it will be equivalent to the nutrition and ingredients of the product being diluted by the moisture on your face, and the natural effect will not be very ideal. And when we are washing our face, we need to pay more attention to the point that we must not use towels, because towels are generally recycled, and places such as towels in the bathroom can easily lead to problems such as dampness, breeding bacteria and so on. especially for some skin sensitive sisters are easy to product skin redness allergy, dermatitis and other problems. Therefore, it is better to use face towels instead of pores, and it will be more sanitary and cleaner.

face, we must use a face towel to dry the

Towel rack is a necessary tool in the bathroom, but most designs are either planned in the wet shower room or away from the shower room, making it difficult to get. It is recommended that the towel rack be installed next to the shower room, such as the shower door, to facilitate quick access to towels.

Give your baby a bath to avoid just after breast-feeding or hungry, and make corresponding preparations, such as baby clothes, diapers, towels, bathtubs, hot water, hip cream, cotton swabs and so on.

When wet hair, hair scales are open, coupled with towels or dry hair cap kneading to wet hair, will make hair scales crooked to explode, but also produce a lot of static electricity, then the hair is easy to blow up after blow-drying, and negative ions can neutralize static electricity, effectively smooth hair, make hair supple, the higher the concentration of negative ions, the better the effect of smoothing hair.