June 21, 2024

Sister Qi brought her hand-cooked loving lunch to the staff

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Sister Qi brought her hand-cooked loving lunch to the staff

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On April 2, when the temperature in our city dropped sharply, Sister Qi brought her hand-cooked loving lunch to the staff and volunteers at all the checkpoints in Yannan Street. She and her team made miso soup and noodles in their own home, and also intimately prepared spices such as chili and vinegar for community workers to adjust according to their own tastes. Sister Qi also joined Li Jianguo, the taxi driver of the “Lei Feng Love team” of Lanzhou Southern Taxi Company, to load the insulation buckets, noodles, and condiments containing Zizi soup into the car one by one to deliver lunch to the staff of the street and community entrance points one by one.

Sister Qi brought her hand-cooked loving lunch to the staff

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Sister Qi brought her hand-cooked loving lunch to the staff

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