June 21, 2024

their own small towel s and cups, and they can

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their own small towel s and cups, and they can

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The babies in Toban are young and have poor resistance. in order to prevent the disease from entering from the mouth and hands, we also do very carefully in the disinfection of the articles in the class. The mouth cups and towels used by babies are cleaned and disinfected with disinfection cabinets every day. Tables, chairs, stools, door cabinets and door cabinets where babies can touch them will be wiped with 84 disinfectant according to the prescribed proportion every day. The classroom will also be disinfected with ultraviolet disinfection lamps every day. After the game every day, we will lead the babies to wash their hands with soap to help them develop good hygiene awareness and habits.

If someone in the family likes smoking, there will be a strong smell of smoke in the room after smoking, so after we hang this wet towel in the room, it can absorb the smoke in the room very well. and the toilet water added to the towel can make the environment more fresh, and when we go to bed at night, hanging such a wet towel in the room can well increase the moisture in the room. Make the air in the room no longer dry.

A gray bathrobe and a red towel can perfectly restore this world-famous painting. Even in this photo, we can see that the little girl is different from the child who has been baptized by art with a touch of elegance and arrogance.

Through the education and help of this semester, children can basically live and study independently in kindergarten at this time. With the help and encouragement of their teachers, they are also willing to learn and try to do things by themselves. By the end of the semester, this group of children have made great progress in life potential, living habits and hygiene habits: they have been able to correctly use their own small towels and cups, and they can eat by themselves. The bad habit of not talking and being picky and wasteful is to put the cutlery in a fixed place after the meal. Every child has developed the habit of taking a quiet nap with the appeasement and company of the teacher, and has also worked hard to learn self-service before and after the nap. Under the education of the masses, children should also understand that they should be a hygienic child, wash their hands before and after meals, and throw waste into the trash can. Parents are also more concerned about the drinking water of young children, so we also strengthen the requirements for young children in this regard. Teach children to let them know that they should replenish water in time when they are thirsty.

Open the bag, the capacity inside is quite good, daily need to use mobile phones, paper towels, pressed powder, lipstick and so on can be installed, feeling that even a small umbrella can be put down.