June 17, 2024

prepared summer cooling supplies such as towel s and toilet water

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prepared summer cooling supplies such as towel s and toilet water

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Your hair is dry, curly and curly naturally. You can protect your hair with olive oil. Put some olive oil on the comb before you wash your hair. Then comb the hair with a comb and spread the olive oil evenly on the hair. Wrap your hair in a hot towel and continue to wash it.

prepared summer cooling supplies such as towel s and toilet water

The summer is hot and hot, the sun is scorching the earth, and the temperature is rising. In order to do a good job in heat prevention and cooling, to protect the physical and mental health of the elderly in the area, and to express respect and condolences to the community volunteers who have always braved the scorching heat to stick to the front line, Lianxi Jiuju specially prepared summer cooling supplies such as towels and toilet water to send them a cool summer.

There is beriberi in the whole family, does it mean that beriberi is inherited? This claim has not been confirmed. In this regard, dermatologists say that the spread of beriberi needs to be taken into account. Under the conditions of suitable temperature and humidity, beriberi can be transmitted through towels, shoes and socks. Children may be infected with beriberi if they wear the shoes of their parents with beriberi or share towels. Although beriberi accumulates in the family, there is no evidence that beriberi is a genetic disease. In addition, there are still many misunderstandings in our understanding of beriberi, such as confusing beriberi, foot odor and eczema, thinking that the treatment of beriberi patients can only be treated with external drugs, not through internal treatment. The correct way to solve beriberi is to seek medical treatment in time and prescribe the right medicine to the case.

1 、? Cool the skin; take the child playing in the sun to a cool place or cool room, soak paper towels or towels with ice water and apply them to sunburned skin; take a warm bath for the baby as soon as you get home to relieve skin discomfort;

Many people think that pore care requires the use of special products, but in fact, only by doing the most basic cleaning work can follow-up care get twice the result with half the effort. Many people wash their face while taking a bath at night, which is a bad habit. I suggest that we should take the steps of removing makeup and washing face seriously in front of the sink in the future. After opening the pores with a hot towel-face steamer, the decontamination effect is better.

prepared summer cooling supplies such as towel s and toilet water

After making a saliva towel, we can use it as a saliva towel. Especially if there are children at home, the saliva towels are not easy to dry because of the wet weather, so we can use the saliva towels made of towels instead of the original saliva towels. This will save a lot of money, but also can block dirt and dust, and it is also very practical for us.

Dujia Community Kindergarten in Liao Lan Town is located in the southeast corner of Xidujia Village and in the Dujia Primary School of Liao Lan Town. It is a public kindergarten with three teaching classes, four teachers, college education, and a national teacher qualification certificate. There are LCD televisions, electronic pianos, towels, cups and various desktop toys according to the number of children in the classroom, and air conditioning and rest beds for children in each class. There are all kinds of large toys outside.

If you swim with your child in summer, be sure to choose a swimming pool with better sanitary conditions and thorough disinfection, and wear swimming glasses. Be sure to continue to take a shower after swimming and never use public towels. Two drops of antibiotic eyedrops can be dropped on the eyes before taking a bath, which can effectively prevent conjunctivitis.